Thank you Dr. Purcell, you are a wonderful, compassionate, and rare doctor.


Dr. Purcell, it was wonderful to meet you, I appreciate your thoroughness and your knowledge as well as your approach to complete wellness. Thank You!


Dr. Purcell, We want to thank you for taking the time to come to our meeting tonight to answer questions and share your knowledge with us. It is so nice to get a holistic view of health. We also greatly appreciate the donation of your gluten-free cookbook to our Library.

Celiac Disease Foundation, AZ East Valley Chapter

Really liked Dr. Purcell's interview on Hormones and Weight Gain. Thought she did well. I appreciate her TV guest shot. I have confidence in her science and like her being able to discuss celiac disease with a friendly low key approach.

Paula P.

Your event last night was fabulous. VERY nice comestibles and an excellent talk by you. I will be attending your next event.


You were the first doc to listen to me and help me. Thank you for being an advocate for me and for what you do.


Hi, I’m Dr. Andrea Purcell, I help women get healthy.

I want you to live and love and contribute in the biggest, brightest way possible.That’s hard to do when you don’t feel good. It’s even harder to do when you’re sick. I know that when you don’t feel good it impacts every part of your life. It’s hard to be positive and energetic when you feel crutty. When you are out of balance the light inside of you just doesn’t shine as brightly as it could when you are on top of your game.

As women, we usually have a bunch of people that rely on us; family, friends, and co-workers. It’s easy to put the needs of others before ourselves. It’s partially genetic and partially how we are raised from young girls.

I’m here to remind you that you have a very special place in the world. You are here because the world needs what only you can contribute. There is no coincidence that you are here at this time and place. Maybe for a while your intuition has been nagging at you that something isn’t quite right. Maybe you’ve even gone to the doctor for a check up and everything was normal. Maybe you’ve been wondering if something is really going on or if it’s all in your head? Maybe you’ve been thinking about your health for a while but didn’t know where to turn … Well guess what? Me too, I was in that very same position earlier in my life.

At that time I didn’t know about Naturopathic Medicine and so I went to conventional medical doctors looking for answers. I went to the dermatologist for my acne, and the gynecologist for my periods, and was told I would outgrow my childhood ear infections by the Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor. Mostly I was given a lot of prescription medications. With each visit I felt hopeless, I felt there was nothing I could do, yet it was my body.

I was frustrated that the treatments were focused on treating symptoms, and that didn’t make sense to me. I wanted to get better without relying on medications. I wanted to know what was actually wrong. So I went on like that for a while, feeling frustrated, until I found out about the new emerging system of medicine. It’s called Integrative Medicine. When I found out about Natural Integrative Medicine my life began to change. I became excited that there were things I could do to improve my health and my life. I started using natural therapies, and experimenting with foods, and seeking out doctors who were entrenched in this new system. After a short while I started to see results, and that got me even more excited, I started to wonder why more people didn’t know about this new system. And that’s when I realized there weren’t enough messengers to spread the word. That’s when everything clicked for me. This was my calling, this was why I had health challenges, and I needed learn from them and to turn my health mess into my health message.

Now 17 years later, I can tell you that Naturopathic medicine has transformed my life, the lives of my patients and has helped many of the people I love. The new world system of medicine puts the doctor in a teaching position, to help patients become educated about their health to take part in the decision making process. In this new system, people understand that prescription medications have side effects and are looking for less toxic solutions. In the old medical model the doctor was put up on a pedestal, and people would follow the advice of their doctor no matter what. In the past we didn’t ask a lot of questions and thought prescription medications were safe. That form of medicine is in the past.

The new face of medicine is here and it combines the diagnosis of conventional medicine with the treatments of natural medicine so that you understand your body at a deeper level and learn what it needs to be healthy. Pharmaceutical drugs are synthetic derivatives of substances from nature. Why not simply use the natural sources that have far fewer side effects. It takes more than a green pill to get you feeling better; it also takes a doctor who listens. I’ll be the first one to tell you that women are complicated.

That’s because each one of us is unique. It takes time to listen to all of your symptoms and put the pieces together. If your conventional doctor is operating in the old model chances are that they have not been able to meet your needs. The exact same thing happened to me over and over again until I decided that there had to be another way. If you want to hear more about how you can transform your health and ultimately your life connect with me.

The days are long but the years are short. It’s time to make you a priority.

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