Constipation is not just an uncomfortable nuisance; it actually can cause more serious health effects when waste products marked for excretion are recycled within our system. Our large bowel or colon is an organ of elimination mainly dedicated to dehydrate the waste products metabolized by our liver and allow them to leave our body. Any and all waste products processed through the liver will be eliminated through our colon.

Reasons for constipation include:

  • stress
  • sluggish bowel
  • genetics
  • poor lifestyle choices

You can shift your bowel health by ensuring that you drink at least 2 liters of water daily, exercise, and focus on adding more fiber to your diet.

Natural medicine can help constipation immensely. Using a combination of food, fiber, minerals, and herbs constipation can be reversed gently and effectively. Without causing bowel dependence commonly caused with laxatives.