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Over 35 and Pregnant

Over 35 and Pregnant is my story. This book is your light-hearted go-to guide for how to keep it healthy, safe, and natural. You can navigate the waters of pregnancy by becoming informed, getting a support system, and using natural medicine along the way. This book is here to guide you. I will take you through doctor’s visits, midwife appointments, ultrasounds, Douala interviews, and breastfeeding tips. My book offers advice for holistic self-care that includes supplements recommendations, alleviating pregnancy complaints, and even steps on how to turn a breech baby. I am speaking to you, the mom-to-be, I’ve been there and my hope for you is that this will help you with self-care, sleep, managing stress and achieving balance. If you are pregnant at any age or plan to be, this book is for you!

Feed Your Cells Cookbook 

Eating healthy does not have to take a lot of time or have a lot of ingredients. In Feed Your Cells I will take you through meal planning and preparation that’s healthy, fast, and gluten free. This book will teach you simple, healthy ways of cooking, and the recipes are short and sweet. The focus is foods that are nourishing and anti-inflammatory. The goal is to help feed yourself at a cellular level. Eating Healthy makes you feel better- that means more energy, more focus, and more performance from your body each day. It’s that simple! Get focused on feeding your cells, your body will be so happy it will keep functioning for many healthy years to come. Bon Appetite!