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Do You Suffer From The Head Games Of Brain Fog? Let’s Fix That Together!

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If you’ve ever felt like your brain is just not working right, you’re not alone. Brain fog is a common symptom of many different conditions and can make everyday tasks feel impossible. But don’t worry – we’re here to help! In this post, we’ll discuss what brain fog is, and share some tips for how to overcome it. So read on – your cognitive clarity is waiting

Brain fog is not something that is just made up. It is real. Many people describe brain fog as having difficulty processing their thoughts, words, ideas, or feeling dull. If you’re feeling like that, you could be suffering from brain fog too. Brain fog is actually quite common and it can affect anyone at any age.

Here are some more examples of what having a brain fog looks like: 

  • Difficulty finding the right word 
  • Having a hard time following a conversation
  • Having to reread things before you actually understand them
  • Feeling like your head is cloudy, hazy or filled with cotton
  • Being forgetful
  • Not feeling sharp or as alert
  • Diminished critical thinking capacity
  • Having a hard time recalling something specific 

Here is a scenario: 

Judy came to see me because she was having problems thinking straight. She said, “It’s like the thoughts just don’t connect, Dr. Purcell. Everything seems to be fuzzy. I have to focus really hard to get any work done. It takes me a whole day to pay my bills when it should just take me two hours on a weekend. Work is a joke. I can’t believe I haven’t lost my job yet. I’m just faking it.”

Judy and I had been working together for a while when we finally got to the bottom of her having brain fog. Hashimoto’s thyroid, an autoimmune disorder that wasn’t being treated properly, was causing Judy’s brain fog. We addressed the issue and soon she was feeling better than ever before.

“I can actually read a book and it’s entertaining for me,” she exclaimed one day, with newfound confidence. It was amazing to see her blossom once again now that her health was under control. Thanks to our treatment plan, Judy was back to her old self!

The debilitating causes of brain fog. As mentioned, there are five.

Regardless of what it is, these root causes can very much make life a lot harder than it is. It is comparable to living life but with a wet wool blanket draped over your head. Brain fog can root from any of these: 

  1. Nutritional deficiencies that come from poor dietary choices. Some people might not have enough good nutrients in their diet because they don’t eat the right foods. 
  2. Thyroid imbalances namely: Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, or Autoimmune Thyroid. Hypothyroidism is when you have very low levels of thyroid hormones. Hyperthyroidism is the opposite of it. When the body makes antibodies that attack your thyroid by mistake, autoimmune thyroid conditions happen.  
  3. Fatigue and exhaustion on a neurological level. This can be a result of toxins coming from viral debris, exposure to heavy metals or being exposed to inflammatory foods for a long time. 
  4. Improper detoxification of the liver, the colon, the kidneys, the skin, and the lymphatic system. 
  5. Hormonal imbalances that are resulting from stress or a major hormonal change in life. 

Regardless of what is causing brain fog, indeed, living with a fuzzy mental state robs people of their joy, their creativity, their passion, and their excitement for life. 

The help and the hope reside within natural medicine.

The conventional medical system really has no treatment for brain fog. However, surely, there is help very much available. If you have brain fog, there is help for you too. What does a natural approach to brain fog look like? Remember that those five causes and all the parts of your body are connected. We need to think in a holistic way.  

First, we can adjust food choices and choose things that are less inflammatory. Many foods in the standard American diet cause problems and our brains can become inflamed too.
Secondly, we can develop a proper sleep schedule. Sleep is essential for good health. It will allow us to maintain a good routine.

Third, we need to customize an exercise plan for your needs. Regular body movement brings circulation and oxygenation to the brain. Make it a commitment and be consistent.

Next, we must formulate a plan for stress reduction. It’s true that stress does not go away. But, we can find ways to manage it that are healthier for us. 

Then, we need to make sure that your hormones are in balance. If you suspect there’s a hormonal condition affecting your mental capacities then get help immediately!

One more thing to consider is to clean out the body. Let’s help it to work better. Our liver works like a filter that could get clogged. 

If you’re struggling with brain fog and don’t want to resort to harsh prescription medications, know that there is help available for you. Natural medicine has a lot to offer in terms of treating the underlying causes of brain fog. We would be happy to chat with you about your specific situation and see how we might be able to help. Don’t suffer from brain fog any longer – schedule a discovery call today!

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Dr. Andrea Purcell

A trusted and well-respected Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Purcell has been in private practice for over twenty years. Dr. Purcell is a published author and has a women’s specialty practice for hormone balancing, weight loss, mystery illness, and gastro-intestinal concerns. Dr. Purcell assists her patients by identifying the underlying cause of disease and removing obstacles that impede the body's natural ability to heal. Drugs and surgery are used as a last resort. She believes that increasing health on the inside shines through to the outside.