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Empowered Health: How to Take Control of Your Health

Are you feeling lost when it comes to your health? 

What if I told you that you have the power to take control of your health. It’s true!  Many people feel this way when it comes to their health. 

However, the good news is that there are ways to become more empowered and take control of your health. You have all the tools you need to be empowered and make healthy decisions for yourself. 

In this blog, I am discussing how to be empowered when it comes to your health. I believe that good nutrition is key to having good health. If you change your diet, you can change your life and health for the better.

Our Healthcare System

I am going to talk about the current state of our healthcare, and how it disempowers you to give your power away. I am also going to talk about how you and I are not sitting ducks to cancer and disease. You must start to take your health into your own hands by making a choice that will help you stay healthy.

You are told you have the best healthcare system in the world and for crises. It is true that advances in medicine deal primarily with crises. They don’t deal with primary prevention. Therefore, none of the advances are making us fundamentally healthier from the bottom up.

The leading causes of death in the US are heart disease, cancer, and prescription medication side effects. Yes, this is true. Side effects from prescription medications are the third leading cause of death in the US. This means that prescription drugs are killing more people than car accidents.

These are drugs that are correctly prescribed and then taken by 106,000 people a year. This figure doesn’t include medication errors of 7,000 a year, hospital errors of 20,000 a year, and hospital-induced infections of 80,000 a year. You can see that the further you are from the hospital, the better off you are unless you’re really in crisis.

When you Google the leading cause of death, you will find that the CDC website leaves out the fact that the medical system is the third leading cause of death. They list respiratory disease as number three. I wonder about this!.

Taking Health Into Your Own Hands

How can you avoid heart disease? How can you avoid cancer? How can you stay away from prescription drugs? The truth is it’s up to you. You have the power and it’s all within your dietary and lifestyle choices that you make day after day. 

It all begins with taking care of your health by preventing problems from happening in the first place. You have some type of education about your health and want to take the responsibility of YOUR HEALTH into YOUR OWN HANDS.

You are doing the right thing by reading this blog and watching its video. It is important to learn about health because it is personal. Health is not just something you are born with or something that depends on your community or politics. 

You have to learn about it and take care of yourself. That is why it is important to question what you have been taught, like by following the food pyramid. Someone might say that if something is bad for us, then why does the government allow it? But that is not a good reason to ignore the facts.

You have to think again, businesses cater to what our taste buds like. They make food, irresistible, and laden with fat, sugar, salt, and MSG. Our government teaches and subsidizes the wrong things because powerful food companies lobbied them and they’re pushed in certain directions.

The Way Healthcare Treats the Symptoms

The medical system focuses on the symptoms of a disease instead of on the disease itself. Western medicine has chosen to focus on symptoms. Conventional medicine treats symptoms. If you think of a disease, like a tree, the leaves are all the symptoms. The sicker a person is, the more leaves they have.

Why do we treat the leaves on a tree? Why don’t we just treat the trunk of the tree? When we treat the trunk of the tree, the leaves will go away on their own and we won’t have to worry about treating them. The trunk is the underlying cause and when you treat the cause, the symptoms go away on their own. Then, symptoms don’t need to be treated. It might be good business to create drugs that treat thousands of symptoms, but it’s certainly a maddening cycle for this person who’s sick and it becomes a cycle of drug dependency.

If we address the trunk of the tree and treat the underlying cause of diseases, people will feel better. They will not need to take medications as often and they might experience some side benefits. These side benefits include more energy, deeper sleep, maintaining a healthy weight, looking and feeling better, and having glowing skin.


How do you find the underlying cause of a disease? It starts by treating the whole person, not just the disease. Holism means that all the parts of a person are important. When you add up all the parts of you, it makes a whole person. Western medicine ignores this concept and instead looks at health in tiny parts. It focuses on one thing in particular.

This is called reductionism. REDUCTIONISM is when you break the body down into individual pieces and then have specialists deal with each piece. The specialists don’t talk to each other. They’re just focused on their specialty, which then ignores the whole person. Our current system honors this reductionistic way of thinking and writes off any science that’s produced by non-reductionistic means. They call it unscientific, which means most of the research is focused on reductionistic principles.

Diet As a Way of Life

Reductionistic principles can be applied to food and supplements. When you only eat one chemical component of a food, you’re not getting the whole benefit of the food. Our culture has created a new definition for the word ‘diet.’ Dieting is thought of as something temporary. Generally, dieting isn’t sustainable because it doesn’t do much to help us learn about food and our health.

The word “DIET” comes from the Greek word “dietitian.” This means that a diet is a WAY OF LIFE. I like this definition better because it means that you can adopt a way of eating that promotes good health and is sustainable. When you eat whole, plant-based foods that are naturally high in antioxidants and fiber, you are treating disease in the best way possible.

When we eat more plants, it helps us. You know that there are bad things in the environment that can cause cancer. You don’t know that the food you eat is a greater determinant of cancer than most environmental toxins.

People who have beaten cancer know the term SURVIVORSHIP. Survivorship is how long it has been since they won their battle against cancer. For example, three months, six months, five years, and so on.

The best way to prevent cancer recurrence is to eat no less than five servings of fruits and vegetables every day. This is also the best way to prevent cancer in the first place. You have yet to see a commercial on TV talking about this, but it’s still very important.

You are in control of your health. The body has an amazing ability to heal itself given the right food and lifestyle. Starting today, you can change the future of your health by making a choice.

I hope that this blog has helped to empower you when it comes to your health. Remember, you have all the tools you need inside of you to make healthy decisions for yourself! 

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Dr. Andrea Purcell

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