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ap4(Dr. Andrea Purcell is a Naturopathic Doctor.  Naturopathic Medicine is a multi-faceted approach that takes into account a person’s endocrinology, biology, genetics, spirituality, and daily life. These pieces dramatically influence your ability to be happy and well.)

Join Dr. Purcell on this 30 Day Challenge!

Lose 7lbs in the next 30 days! It is time to re-calibrate your body and break some bad habits that have developed in your life. Achieving good health is a process… It’s ok if you fell off the path, here is your opportunity to get back on it. We all need tune-ups now and again, join me on this health challenge to re-boot your body and increase your vibration this season. And just a reminder, you are already beautiful- now you are just deciding to be healthier inside and out! ~Dr. Purcell

($450 Value)


Program Feedback

“I was down 5lbs in the first week and a half and lost 10lbs in total! I WILL be doing another 30 days to lose the final 10. This was easy to follow and didn’t feel like I was sacrificing much!” -MS

“Hi Dr. Purcell… I am just LOVING this plan! You have taught me so much. Since I first started this program (several months ago) I kept going on my own and have lost 29 pounds. I am feeling GREAT. Thank you.” -AG

“I couldn’t have done this without your weekly calls! I needed the accountability and encouragement that those calls brought each week. It prepared me mentally to continue on with the program and lost the 7lbs promised.” -KT

This a wonderful program.  It is something I can live with as long as I can stay off the sugar.  As Dr. Purcell knows that is my downfall.  Good to be with you guys.” -DS

This is NOT a diet, its a way of living and being nourished from the inside out. The program is so effective and useful.  Now, I have a wonderful, healthy and nutritious blue print for eating and preparing meals. Before the plan, I ate yogurt every morning and then got sick for about 10 minutes.  Finally, I had enough and thought that this plan might help me figure out what else I could eat that wouldn’t make me sick. The plan nailed it for me!  I have many ways to have breakfast now, all delicious and easy to prepare.  And, I do not get sick in the morning.  I love going out to lunch with my friends and I could continue to do that on this plan…its that user friendly. The tips that Dr. Purcell shares on the group conference call are awesome and cleared up some questions that I have had for years about weight loss and eating a healthy diet. This program is world class. When I had questions or concerns, they were promptly answered.  Thank you Dr. Purcell and Melissa Sweeney for your support . ” SJ

Dear Dr. Purcell & Melissa, Thank you for letting me join you for the class again. I got so much out of it. I wanted to let you know since the first time I did the program (spring) and again now in the Fall I have lost 19.5 pounds! Thanks again!” AG

“This Plan has been amazing for me.  I feel great and very beautiful. I am wearing my good clothes to work and out to the stores.  I am not waiting for the special occasion.   You know why because I am special and every day is special and I deserve to look good and feel good. The program got me out of my funk and I feel not only lighter but emotionally healthier. My motto is dress up the body the mind will follow. If I look good I feel good. My daughter noticed the change and she is 24 she says I look cute which is a major compliment.  My husband loves the way I look.  Thanks You so Much I am going to stay on this wonderful journey.” RB



This Program is about so much more than just losing weight. In fact, losing weight is a side benefit to this transformational program. Over the course of 30 days you will learn to:

  • Properly Feed Yourself  
  • Break Cravings  
  • Gain Mental Focus
  • Increase Energy
  • Intercept Self-Sabotaging Habits



  • A weekly call with Dr. Purcell to help stay on track 
  • 30 Day Food Plan
  • Menu Ideas
  • Homework Sheets (Don’t worry, this is GOOD homework to help you succeed!)
  • Daily Practice Instructions 
  • Access to the 7lbs in 30 Days Facebook Support Page


Only $49!
($450 Value)