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Here are three good reasons why you need to stay hydrated this Summer:

  • Dehydration –Signs of dehydration include: fatigue, shortness of breath, lack of perspiration, headache, and muscle aches. Most people walk around chronically dehydrated.
  • Thick blood – You do not want thick blood. You want your blood to be thin. Have you ever had a clogged sink? The water backs up and things don’t flow down the pipes like they did before? The same thing can happen in your body. Thick blood travels slowly and has a harder time circulating through tiny vessels. This causes your heart to work harder to pump it through. After a while your heart gets tired of working so hard pumping blood around the blockages, twists and turns and whammo we get a heart attack or stroke. Thick blood causes heart attacks and strokes. Eating a high fat diet causes thick blood. Your body is 70% water and your cells need to have sufficient fluid to create energy and eliminate waste products.
  • Reduce complications of SARS-CoV2

The three biggest causes of death from SARS-CoV2 are pneumonia, blood coagulation (thickening), and organ failure. Organ failure is a result of the first two. One of the best things to you can to ensure your blood is thin and flowing is to hydrate well. In fact, hydration is the first line of defense with a fever. Should you develop SARS-Cov2 and spike fevers, be sure to stay well hydrated. This allows your body to better move fluids through the body and assist with oxygen exchange.


Three Hydrating Recipes

*Muddled Mint and Strawberry Infused water

½ cup fresh mint leaves –crush in your hands and mix.
Slice ¼ cup strawberries and add to pitcher.
2 liters’ water
Let infuse over 1-8 hours on counter top or in fridge.

*Aloe water

3-4 inches – fresh aloe gel
2 cups water
2oz organic grape juice

Carefully trim the spikes off the sides of the aloe leaf and slice the leaf open filleting it as if it were a fish.
Fill blender with water and scoop in aloe gel, add grape juice and blend.

 *Fresh lemon or limeade

juice of 5 whole limes/lemons
3 tablespoons of sugar or maple syrup
¼ tsp of sea salt
6 cups of water

Stir and add more sugar to taste If needed
Pour into 2-quart pitcher and serve


Wishing you Well,

Dr. Purcell
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