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We know that epidemics exist, we have all heard about them.

Heck, most of the vaccines we currently have are the result of an epidemic that swept a corner of the globe at one point or another.

But now, in 2020? Really? To us? A nation that has come so far, made so many advances, is it really possible?

Yes, and it is humbling to say the least.

At this critical point in history, health is important to everyone. Healthcare is being looked at more closely than it ever has been in this country.

The people most affected by this virus are the people who are “high risk”. The crazy thing is that 40% of the American population is “high risk”. Those who are high risk can get very, very sick from this virus and die from pneumonia. There are mortality updates on the news every day.

So, the question becomes…How did WE as a nation get to the point of having 40% of our population be “high risk?”

Why with a current population of 378 million, are there nearly the same amount of unhealthy people as healthy people?

Chronic disease rates are higher than they ever have been. In fact, chronic disease accounts for 90% of all disease out there today.

There has been a lot of talk about “strengthening immune systems”.

A strong immune system comes by supporting the body to function optimally and fixing the underlying causes of chronic disease.

So, what is a chronic disease?

Chronic disease is an underlying burden on a body that prevents it from functioning optimally.

Chronic Disease looks a lot like high blood pressure, diabetes, irritable bowel, autoimmune disorders, gastric reflux, insomnia, and anxiety.

An easy way to look at it is if you are taking a medication for something that developed over time so you can feel “normal” again it is a chronic disease. 

How did we get to this point as a NATION of walking around on a day to day basis with this kind of body burden?

The answer is- we have been duped.

We have become accustomed to drinking the Kool-Aid.

In essence we have been groomed to believe that our health insurance card was going to ensure good health. We have been told to put our health in someone else’s hands NOT our own.

Here’s something to ponder…when do you use your health insurance card?

Do you use it when you feel fabulous?

Typically, not. We use it when we are sick – so in theory it should be called “sick care” not health care.

Here’s another thought-  we get car insurance, have a wreck and get a new car. We get fire insurance; the house burns down and we get a new house. Then there’s health insurance, body gets sick…do we get a new body? Um, unfortunately not.

The truth is that the insurance based system generally handles crisis very well. Heart attacks, strokes- that type of thing. As long as the bulk of the population doesn’t fall ill at the same time.

Then we enter 2020 with an epidemic nipping at our heels and everything changes.

Suddenly 40% of the nation can potentially go into crisis as a direct result of being high risk from some type of “ongoing” chronic disease.

The system cannot handle that. The healthcare system is not set up to handle millions suffering with chronic disease who can easily fall into crisis.

Take Action

We have been given a “false sense of security” around our health.

That time is OVER.

Now is the time to start thinking about your health differently. Now is the time to start asking yourself, “what can I do to take responsibility for my OWN health.”

How can I remove the burden of chronic disease from MY body and strengthen my OWN immune system?

Sadly, the answers to these questions are not found in the conventional doctor’s office.

Conventional doctors do not focus on dietary or lifestyle factors. They don’t have time to educate you to be empowered in making health decisions for yourself and your family. The system does not allow for it.

Now is the time for all of us to re-think our health and how we can do things differently starting today.

Here’s my challenge for you- DRAMATICALLY up-level your intake of fruits and vegetables. Commit to doing the:


“Take Back My Health 10/10/10 Challenge.”

Starting this Friday, April 10th see where you can get 10 servings of fruits and veggies in each day over the next 10 days and TAKE BACK YOUR HEALTH in a completely new way.

Let’s do this together! I’ll touch base with you via email everyday for 10 days beginning this Friday, April 10th. I’ll help you with tips on how to get in your 10 servings, offer encouragement, and ask YOU how it is going.

All you need to do is let me know that you are in by Clicking Here to commit yourself to this challenge.

The one thing stores have in abundance right now is fresh produce. Fresh produce is our life saving nutrition straight from God to us. How we reverse chronic disease starts with food. 

I’m psyched for you to take this on and see what we can do as a community. Let’s get on board the nutrition train.

I want to see your photos and posts of things you are doing to get 10/day. CLICK HERE to commit to my 10 day challenge!


Wishing You and Yours the Best of Health,

Dr. Purcell
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