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My sincerest thanks to all of you! Love, Dr. Purcell

-Salina Shares how Dr Purcell helped her to prioritize her health
-Laura Shares her Hormone and Weight Loss Journey
 -Finally feeling Good-

Hi Dr. Purcell, I just wanted to send you a thank you!! It’s been approximately 6 weeks since I began working you. I’m in my first full week after detox and this morning I actually feel really really good. I am proud of myself for putting the work in, eating what keeps me healthy and eliminating what doesn’t help me. 

Thank you again. I can’t wait to see how I feel after 3 months!!

-Grateful, Zoraida

 -Thank You for Your Guidance-

Dr. Purcell, Thank you for always ‘being there’ and your valuable guidance.  I’m looking forward to many more years ‘being together’ and being in good health.  Thank you again and again.

-Jan Bullington

 -Waking Without Pain-

Dr. Purcell, because of coming to see you Ann and I wake up in the morning without an acre of pain I’m 85 now and she will be 79 next month we’ve taken your advice on a lot of things and kept it up! With thanks

-Ken & Ann Johnson

 -My relationship with Dr. Purcell is a partnership, a trusting and vulnerable collaboration-

Back in March of 2022, I was suffering from a host of chronic health issues, the most critical being insomnia. At one point, I had stayed awake for over 36 hours. The condition of my health was impacting every aspect of my life. I had reached a breaking point. I was desperate. I didn’t want to experience life as I had been anymore. I wasn’t sleeping, I couldn’t lose weight, I had no energy, and I was constantly feeling anxious. I felt as if my life was spinning out of control and I had no way to stop the momentum. 

I knew that a holistic approach (working with my body naturally) was in my best interest. I did an initial search online to find the best naturopathic doctor that specializes in the needs of women taking into account our hormones, and how stress impacts our bodies. That is when I found Dr. Purcell. Her holistic approach to look at hormones, stress, diet, exercise, lab work, and also provide mentoring, support and coaching was invaluable to me.

After my initial meeting with Dr. Purcell, I felt I had finally met a doctor who really listened to me, she understood just how emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausting my situation had been. She was compassionate, direct, and empathetic to my experience. She reassured me that any and all questions are welcomed for me to finally have a better understanding of my body, how it worked, and why I was experiencing the symptoms I had been having for the majority of my adult life. To have an hour dedicated for one on one attention to ask ALL of the questions is something I never thought I’d find. I’m so grateful I did.

I view my relationship with Dr. Purcell as a partnership, a trusting and vulnerable collaboration. By being very honest with her about ALL of the things I am experiencing in my life (changes in career, home, relationships, etc.) opened up the conversation for us to be transparent on how those stressors are impacting my health and how that may change the protocol to my treatment plan.

As a result, I have lost 20 lbs and maintained the weight loss, been able to have better sleep, have a better understanding of how my hormones impact my health, and most importantly gave myself permission to do what MY body needs to heal and become healthier. My friends have commented on the difference they see in me, even to the point of having more confidence in my body, and others commenting on the fact they see me glowing!

I cannot state enough how critical and invaluable the relationship Dr. Purcell has created with me in my journey to optimal health. I will talk about Dr. Purcell and her team to anyone in my network, and highly recommend her to any woman looking to FINALLY get answers and start on the path of healing and optimal health and vitality.” –Lisa G., Phoenix, AZ*

 -A Doctor Who Truly Cares-

Thank you so much for caring so much about your patients and calling me so quickly.  You are truly the best Dr. Purcell. 🙂” –Debbie M., Kuna, ID*

 -Help for Menopause-

Dr. Purcell, You have helped change my life and I can’t imagine my health and happiness without you. My fatigue is gone and my hormones are balanced. You mean the world to me and thank you for your help and compassion.” –Mareesa, Huntington Beach, CA*

Kim shares how the first meeting with Dr. Purcell CHANGED HER LIFE. She shares about her journey with menopause and osteoporosis-
-Natural Medicine Takes On Congestive Heart Failure-

“Before and after my 3 month treatment plan! Inflammation in my face went waaaay down. Sometimes the internal changes take a bit but they sure showed up after working with Dr. Purcell! Thank you”

Jessica C.

-Balancing Hormonal Irritability and Mood Swings
Food allergies, Digestive gas and bloating and Fatigue
 -Healing from Breast Implant Illness-

 -Natural Medicine Gets Diabetes and Cholesterol Under Control!-
 -Telemedicine Takes Wellness Global-

Thank you for being there! I am really grateful you offer telemedicine, you are a godsend! Thank you for choosing to be so progressive and available to those of us who are not able to physically be in your office. I think I might have died here in Ecuador without your help. I’ve been looking for bio identical hormones for years here in Ecuador to no avail. Thank you for saving my life Andrea! I am so grateful I found you!  .” – Christine B. *

 -Praise for “Over 35 And Pregnant”-

“Sleep Training Time!  Thank you!! The last chapter was the best!!! If I had finished this before Alina was born my whole after birth experience would have probably been better. Love to you.” *

CLICK HERE to learn more about Over 35 and Pregnant.

 -A Happy Patient-

Thanks so much for ALL your support, compassion and CARE. A very happy patient.” – Len W. *

 -By Changing Traci’s Eating Habits it Changed the Whole Family’s-
 -29LBS Lost-

Hi Dr. Purcell… I am just LOVING my plan! You have taught me so much. Since my first visit to your office I have lost 29lbs. I am feeling GREAT. Thank you.” – Arlene G. *


“Thank you so much for everything! I still remember how kindly you took me in, when I was at my worst!  You are such a good doctor and an awesome lady!” – Paola V. *


This is NOT a diet, its a way of living and being nourished from the inside out. The program is so effective and useful.  Now, I have a wonderful, healthy and nutritious blue print for eating and preparing meals.
Before the plan, I ate yogurt every morning and then got sick for about 10 minutes.  Finally, I had enough and thought that this plan might help me figure out what else I could eat that wouldn’t make me sick.
The plan nailed it for me!  I have many ways to have breakfast now, all delicious and easy to prepare.  And, I do not get sick in the morning.  I love going out to lunch with my friends and I could continue to do that on this plan…its that user friendly. The tips that Dr. Purcell shares on the group conference call are awesome and cleared up some questions that I have had for years about weight loss and eating a healthy diet. This program is world class. When I had questions or concerns, they were promptly answered.  Thank you Dr. Purcell and Melissa Sweeney for your support . ” – Susan J. *

 -Dr. Purcell Changed My Life-

I wanted to let you know that my reactions to foods is pretty much back to normal. I’d say 95% normal. I wanted to share the good news! I’ll continue my supplements. Feeling grateful to God and to you!!” -Lindsay B. *


I loved the simplicity of the program, and found Dr. P’s calls to be highly motivating and enlightening. I’ve lost 6 pounds so far, and that’s with cheating a few times. I will definitely stick with the eating plan because I feel so much better and it is easily sustainable. Thanks to Dr. P and Melissa for getting me back on a healthy track!” -Cassandra G. *


“I came to Doctor Purcell because I had exhausted all roads with my GP. I was feeling terrible and thought my thyroid medication was not working. I had no energy and was not sleeping well and my diet was below average because I felt awful and had no motivation to eat better. Through her guidance I stopped the thyroid medication for 7 weeks to get accurate reads on my levels. We determined that I was hypothyroid and I started taking Naturethyroid. We then looked at diet and I went on a 21 day cleanse that really put me in a powerful space of knowing what was not working in my diet. We determined that gluten was a problem even though I did not have celiac. It has changed my life in terms of energy levels. Dr. Purcell listened carefully to all of my concerns and really put together a very personalized plan that has truly enhanced my energy levels, changed my motivation for self care and all around just made me feel better. I am truly grateful to her for really listening to me and not going on the cookbook recipe path for treatment. I feel terrific!” -Kimberly S. *


Dear Dr. Purcell,

I wanted to thank you so much for facilitating the presentation “Your Digestive Health” to the ASU employees.   We had a nice turnout and people had several questions about the topic.

Thank you again for your support to the ASU Employee Wellness Program and it was a pleasure meeting you.


Liz Badalamenti *


“I loved the telemedicine option. For me, it was distance. I can benefit from her expertise without the hour’s commute each way. Thank you so much!” – Jean L. *


“I am now officially of my OCD meds! It took 7 months and I’m glad we did it gradually and I’m feeling better than ever!
When i first went to see her, I was so tired, i was napping twice a day. Couldn’t make it through the work day without sleeping. I also would go home and lay in my bed until 10pm because i was soooo tired. I couldn’t walk my dog or clean or do anything. I was an exhausted lump. We identified i had chronic fatigue from epstein barr virus. With the help of vitamins, I’m up and around and not like that anymore.
I have basically changed my diet, and am learning to cook for the first time ever. I’m eating mostly vegan foods, just to experiment. I’m an animal lover so it’s my choice not Dr. Purcells, but she has a great cook book that I just started to cook recipes out of!” -Zia B. *


“I started seeing Dr. Purcell 2 years ago when I couldn’t lose an ounce while running and eating very healthy, I was very discouraged. After a friend recommended her I thought I would try one last thing before lipo…. I’m so glad I did. I have a slow thyroid this is something she continues on helping me with. Not just with medicine but with her friendly counseling as well sometimes I need a little encouragement and she knows just how to do it!! ” -Laura *


“Dr Purcell is the greatest. She addresses the whole person, not just symptoms and for me she resolved the physical issues, not just addressed the symptoms and I am grateful. If you seek a health care professional who will work with you in a healthful way to experience vibrant good health, Dr. Purcell is the best! ” -Audrey N. *


“I’m hoping this posting will help at least one person out there. If it helps more, then I will have accomplished my good deed of the day or year!. Here’s my story…it’s a long one…I was tired of going to medical doctors and being told that I was “fine,” that my lab results were “normal” or “within range,” or that if I just took a bunch of different medications, I would be fine. They all made it seem like I was just crazy or whining. I would get so frustrated because I felt so horrible & they all just shrugged me off. When doctors just meet with you for 10 mins, is that really enough time to get to the root of the problem? Not at all. Ten minutes, for me, was not even enough time to go over all my symptoms. Well, I discovered, that I was not “fine”, that there were other options out there, and that there are doctors who do care and will spend plenty of time listening to your health issues. Dr. Purcell took plenty of time to listen to all my problems. I am not kidding when I say this, my first consultation took about 2 hours! I had all sorts of problems, but my main problems were migraines and thyroid. For the last 10+ years I have suffered from horrible migraines. I was missing so much work because I was getting them very often & very intensely. I simply could not function at work, or anywhere for that matter. I tried virtually every medication out there. All had side effects and solved absolutely nothing. One medication sent me to the ER because I felt like I was going to have a heart attack at 20 something!! I went from doctor to doctor and none would find anything. I would just hear the usual, be given medication(s) and be sent on my way.  She showed me how to follow a “migraine diet” which has made all the difference in the world. It showed foods that I was supposed to eat and those I was supposed to avoid. There were things on the list that I identified right away as my triggers but there were tons that I had no clue about. I had never heard of them, even after spending years researching. You just never know how something so simple, like food, could cause such grief. She also has recommended several supplements, vitamins & IV treatments. All natural stuff – no side effects (unless you consider feeling good a side effect :)). As far as my thyroid issue, she recommended a more natural thyroid medication and WOW, it has made such a difference. I have practically crossed off all my symptoms from my list, a very long list I must say. Overall, I feel magnificent, have had virtually no migraines, and have gained almost all my energy back. I highly, highly, highly (did I say highly?) recommend this Nathuropathic Clinic. If you want to take a more natural approach, have someone listen to you and look into ALL the potential reasons for your health problems, then you must go here. You will notice how they try to solve the PROBLEM, not just treat your symptoms which is what medical doctors do, IF they do anything at all. Oh and the office manager is great. She is very nice, always returns your calls or emails, and stays on top of things when it comes to your supplement orders. There is another doctor on staff who seems great. Both doctors are very knowledgeable, experienced, and can treat practically anything the natural way. To Dr Purcell, thanks so much for all you have done for me so far. I’m so blessed to have found you. You have made such an impact on my life. Thank you!!!” -M.C. *


“I started seeing Dr. Purcell around 2004. I was falling apart mentally, emotionally, and physically. It was a stressful time in my life. I had seen 7 or 8 other doctors to try to figure out what was going on with me. None of them could help me, and I gave up on the standard medical system.
I started hunting around and found Dr. Purcell. She made me feel at peace from the beginning. After the initial comprehensive appointment, she implemented a treatment plan. I couldn’t believe it when I started feeling better over the next few weeks.
Since then, I have received all of my treatments from Dr. Purcell because she looks at the whole picture of my life, and finds safe ways to treat me without drugs.
Whenever I have talked to people with ongoing health problems, I refer them to Dr. Purcell. She is confident and knowledgeable. Additionally, she is balanced (as in, not extreme or weird). I know that if I needed a medicine or antibiotics, she would say so. She is compassionate, and careful in her approach. If you’ve been looking for the ideal doctor, Dr. Purcell is the way to go.” -Timothy P. *


“Dr Purcell is one of the best Naturopaths in the business. Both my knees suffered from an arthritic condition I had and torn MCL ligaments which were not mending. I could hardly walk without pain. Her treatments of Prolozone injections to both knees and recommended fish oil Omega3 supplements healed both knees within a few months. I can now jump, kick and run without any pain whatsoever. In fact I have started taking tap dancing lessons and at close to 61 years of age I am keeping up with the teenagers in the class. Dr Purcell also treated me for a MRSA staff infection
with Ozone and Myers cocktail IV therapy which totally knocked the MRSA infection out of my body. This stuff really works and Dr Purcell knows her stuff! ” -Frank D. *


Dear Dr. Andrea Purcell,

On behalf of Scottsdale Healthcare and the Speakers Bureau, I want to thank you for presenting on Digestive Health at Desert Foothills Library. There were 30 participants and they would love to have you back in 2015 for another lecture.  We appreciate you taking the time to lend your expertise in educating the community.

Your participation enhances the stature of the Speakers Bureau at Scottsdale Healthcare. Thank you again for all of the ongoing efforts to support educational outreach.

In health,

Krissy Hall *
Marketing Coordinator
Speakers’ Bureau Coordinator
Scottsdale Healthcare & John C. Lincoln Health Network


“I just started seeing Dr. Purcell about a month ago.  I am having a lot of issues with fatigue, horrible PMS, anxiety, and trouble sleeping.  Prior to seeing Dr. Purcell, I had blood tests taken by several medical doctors and they just flat out told me everything was because of my insomnia and wanted to solve the solution by prescribing me sleeping pills.  The first appointment with Dr. Purcell went well.  I didn’t feel rushed and she spent an entire hour with me as I vented about how poor my health condition was.  The next appointment she set up a plan to have a saliva test done (which I have never heard of) and also made a point to check my hormone levels (my primary care refused because I was only 31 years of age).  She already had some guesses as to what could be causing all these symptoms.  I am really looking forward to my follow up visit to get feeling better quickly.  Also, her office staff is efficient and get back to you at a timely manner so that is a plus as well :)” -Nicole A. *


“I started seeing Dr. Purcell several months ago and couldn’t be more please with her help.  I came in very stressed and overwhelmed with the amount of responsibility of 5 children, legal seperation,  a full time job and recent loss I had in my life.  I had a lot of angry outbursts and change began to happen right away after the first visit with Dr. Purcell.  I have my happy voice back with my children.  Dr. Purcell has a gift for understanding exactly what you need to achieve the healing you need.  She looks at the whole picture and helps you achieve the healing in a real life changing way, its not just a bandaid.” -H.M. *


“I’ve been seeing Dr. Purcell for over ten years.  She was able to help me when “regular” doctors were unable. At one point, my MD told me my bloodwork was normal and that I was fine. Well, I knew I didn’t FEEL fine and that something was off.  Dr. Purcell was able to look at my bloodwork with a different perspective and see that certain things weren’t as optimal as they could be. She quickly came up with a treatment plan for me and I started feeling better within weeks. Dr. Purcell doesn’t just look at your symptoms. She looks at you as a whole person and finds ways to address the underlying problem so that you truly get well.  She has access to a variety of excellent tests and treatments. If you aren’t local to her clinic, you can do phone or Skype appointments. I’ve done many phone appointments and she still provides comprehensive care over the phone. I also like how she truly cares for her patients. She doesn’t just see you and then forget about you. She keeps copious notes and follows you and how you are responding to your treatment plan, and will make alterations to your plan as needed. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Purcell to all my family and friends.” -Kelly P. *


“Dr Purcell has been my life saver.  She has helped me deal with issues resulting from a lack of my thyroid and all the issues that go along with that issue.  As a result I am living a pain free life. She listens, really listens and guides you through the process. love you Dr P and thank you.” -Silvia *


“I went to see Dr. Purcell because I have a long history of swollen joints, 12 years. I went to the hospital and they diagnosed me with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I took Methotrexate and Prednisone until I have no more muscle on my thighs, my knees gave up, and ended up in a wheelchair. To make story short, I have an allergy to 9 types of foods and after eliminating them from diet, I’ve felt so much better. Dr. Purcell is treating me with Ozone and I have seen an improvement on my knees. I can get up from my wheelchair and walk a little. Thank you doctor for helping heal my body as a whole and not fragments. May God bless you.” -Paola V. *


“My husband and I are both working with Andrea Purcell to better our health. She is a very good listener and plans a stategic path for each individual. Then, helps you to stay on course.
I lost the 30 unwanted lbs. in less than 5 months by following her recommendations !
And, have kept if off ! Omega 3 oils are a blessing.. for all of us over age 60!” -CVB and NVB *


“Hi Dr P, my husband and I want to thank you for your amazing guidance! Love the new website and your Blog posts are the best!!! You’re so adorable! Looking forward to see you again soon!” — Di & Milty, CA *


“Really liked Dr. Purcell’s interview on Hormones and Weight Gain. Thought she did well. I Appreciate her TV guest shot. I have confidence in her science and like her being able to discuss celiac disease with a friendly low key approach.” -Paula P. *


“Dr. Purcell, We want to thank you for taking the time to come to our meeting tonight to answer questions and share your knowledge with us. It is so nice to get a holistic view of health. We also greatly appreciate the donation of your gluten-free cookbook to our Library Thank you!” -Celiac Disease Foundation AZ East Valley Chapter *

(For more information on Celiac Disease, CLICK HERE)


“Thanks so much for the food plan! Thanks for all your help & bringing more health/wholeness to my life. God Bless.” – Lesa W. *


“I’ve been working with Doctor Purcell for five years on my health issues. She has helped me with my hormonal imbalance, weight loss and detoxification. I have experienced dramatic results in all of these areas, and therefore trust and rely on her with all my health concerns. On the topic of detoxification I was slightly overwhelmed at first. The thought of having to cleanse from so many different toxins was exciting, however the reality of having to cut out so much from my daily diet was a tough thing to wrap my head around, I figured why not give it a try. I used the month of January as my start date thinking it would be a great time to rejuvenate my body and mind with hopes of going into the new year with a fresh start. The program was well organized and clearly laid out for me making it easy to gather food and supplies needed for the cleanse. In fact I looked forward to each days planning guide and diet diary. Giving up coffee and sugary foods was the hardest for me and I had a caffeine withdrawal headache for the first three days. It was uncomfortable but it passed, and only made me realize how bad it must be for my body as I had been drinking up to five cups daily for years. The foods, soup and protein drinks were very tasty and you could eat as much as you wanted. After completing the cleanse I no longer craved sugary foods and caffeine. My skin was clear and bright my energy level was boosted. I did loose eleven pounds although this was not the intention. I had a overall feeling of clarity in my body and mind. I felt recharged and ready to continue a healthier lifestyle going forward. I do this detoxification twice a year and would recommend this to anyone looking to improve their health.” -Jessica M. *


“Prolozone worked for me, very successful in relieving chronic shoulder pain caused by degenerative disease of the rotator cuff and bicep tendon.” -Diana H.B. *

Click Here for more information on Prolozone Therapy.


“Just want to let you know that I really appreciate being on the mailing list for newsletters. I have Dr. Purcell’s book (bought it back when it first came out), and I really like it. Thanks for everything.” – Josie W. *

Click Here to sign up for one of our mailing lists.


“The Kale Quinoa Lentil Stew was a BIG hit! YUMMY! Thanks for getting me the info I asked for! Have a nice day!” -Kim R. *


“The diet was quite successful, first 20 lbs off before the summer, and now for the next 20. Thanks so much for a diet I can live by. It’s obviously a life long endeavor.” – Melissa H. *


“Just wanted you to know that we love the cookbook! Especially the desserts. the cookies were a hit even though I forgot the applesauce, (Got interrupted by a poopy diaper). Mike says you have nice almond butter balls. Alexandria can’t have nuts yet so I used sunflower butter instead. Delish. I brought the pie to a party today and it too was a big success. We also have been making double batches of the carrot ginger dressing for salads.Now in all seriousness, your book inspired me to get back to very basic, simple meals and eliminate as many processed foods as possible, as well as reduce refined flours, sugars, and cut out dairy again since I have a sensitivity. We have been eating “clean” for 2 weeks. Mike has lost 6 lbs and my skin has cleared up. I have a ton of energy and feel great! Alexandria loved the swiss chard egg scramble too!” -Roberta Z. *

(For more information or to purchase “Feed Your Cells, 7 Ways to Make Health Food Fast, Easy and Gluten Free”- CLICK HERE)


“Super excited as I got your book for Christmas from my parents! Tonight I invited them over and I made your Turkey Burgers! WOW!!! Those are amazing! We ate them on a bed of quinoa with fresh steamed vegetables without a bun and the burgers were juicey and so tasty! I am going to try a new recipe weekly!!!” -Jenn W. *

(For more information or to purchase “Feed Your Cells, 7 Ways to Make Health Food Fast, Easy and Gluten Free”- CLICK HERE)


“I’m used to seeing you in person so I didn’t know what to expect from a phone appointment. It exceeded my expectations! All of my questions were answered, I so appreciate you!” – Susan T., Huntington Beach, CA *


” I So appreciate your telling me about the immune boost, Wow, such a help. Dr. Purcell’s Technique, Skill, of syringe into vein and then for injection, is the absolute best, and I did not question that it would be so from the time Melissa told me of the Immune Boost until boost was administered. I felt better almost immediately, the immune boost is helping me to be functioning.” – P.P, Mission Viejo, CA *


“Your event last night was fabulous, beginning with the lovely check-in ladies. VERY nice comestibles and an excellent talk by you. I will be attending your next event.” – B.B., Phoenix, AZ *


“I just wanted to say thank you. I was a patient of yours a year and a half ago and you helped me with my hormones. You were the first doc to listen to me and help me. Thank you for being an advocate for me and for what you do.” -K.C., CA *


“My Cholesterol and triglycerides are the lowest they have ever been, and my fasting insulin is now in the normal range. I appreciate your demeanor, knowledge, and professionalism, thank you for all your help with my “health quest” thus far.” — E.B. Costa Mesa, CA *


“It was all meant to be, God lead me to you and I am so thankful for your assistance.” — J.T. Long Beach, CA *


“Thank you Dr. Purcell, you are a wonderful, compassionate, and rare doctor.” — P.D. Costa Mesa, CA *


“Before I came to you my medical doctor told me that if I didn’t go on hormones my condition would get worse and I wouldn’t get any better. After seeing you for three months, I feel so much better, like my old self again, using all natural medicines and no hormones. Thank you.” — L.S., Pinon Hills, CA *


“Dr. Purcell, it was wonderful to meet you, I appreciate your thoroughness and your knowledge as well as your approach to complete wellness. Thank You!” — C.W., Newport Beach *


“I am so much more stabilized and in control of my emotions, I feel like I used to in 1987. I’m so calm and everyone around me is amazed at how much better I am doing. Thank You Dr. Purcell!” — H.P., Huntington Beach, CA *


“One year ago I used to worry about my health, but now I don’t worry. I feel so much better. Thank you, Dr. Purcell, when you have your health, you really do have everything. Again, thank you so much!” — K.F., Brewster, NY *


“It was by chance I came by your talk on Breast Health, and I am so glad I did, it was one of the best things to happen. I really appreciated your clarity and presence during the talk. Thank You!” — A.C., Diamond Bar, CA *

To Book Dr. Purcell to speak at an event call: 800-318-8582


“I can’t talk to anyone in the medical profession the way I can talk to you, Dr. Purcell. You allow me to open up; making me feel much better. Thank you.” — K.P., Hunt. Beach, CA *


“Thank you so much for all your help. You are appreciated!” — D. P., Norwalk, CA *


“Thank you, Dr. Purcell … I have been doing so wonderful. Putting to use all the knowledge you shared with me has been so effective in my life. In fact, I am 6 months pregnant and it was no trouble getting pregnant after my cycles became regular. I had been having regular menstrual cycles for six months before getting pregnant and all the work we did paid off. I am so thankful for all that you have done for my husband and I. Much appreciation X Infinity. — A. Browning, Costa Mesa, CA *


“Thanks so much for helping me on my journey to arriving to and maintaining a great quality of life. — Bob S. Riverside, CA *


“I’m doing fine and still no signs of cancer. You’ve taught me so many healthy ways to take care of myself. Many, many thanks! — Love, Tina S., Oceanside, CA *


“I just had to tell you that I LOVE my new licorice Spice Tea! And, I just munched on some flax seeds after lunch- and it totally took care of my sweet tooth craving. Amazing! You are the best. Thank you for all you have done for me so far” — L.P., Huntington Beach, CA *


“I want to tell you that you are a treasure in my life and though I’m certainly not the poster child for healthy eating, I DO so appreciate all you do for me and all your efforts on my behalf! In particular, I want to thank you for the HUGE improvement that I have derived through using your supplements to reduce my cholesterol. As you know, my doctor had put me on Lipitor to reduce my cholesterol because it was up to 258. However, the Lipitor increased the aching in my joints, so you put me on Cholesterol Care and had me discontinue using Lipitor. After 4 months, I had my cholesterol checked again and it was down 38 points, to 220! Then, when I had it checked again about 6 months later, it had dropped to 165!! I had not changed my diet or exercise habits, so I know this drop was solely due to your supplements. Thank you very much for your commitment to my health!” — Kim A., Corona Del Mar, CA *


“It was wonderful to see you yesterday. It feels good to be on the right track with my supplements, vitamins, and diet. I will be getting the flax seeds on Thursday, so I will email you towards the end of next week and let you know how it goes. I have started taking the supplements. Thank you for all your help and wisdom! I am so thankful I have someone like you to ask questions of and know I am getting the correct answers. Thank you!” — Veronica *


“Thank you for getting me off to a better start in my journey to good health.” — Lori, H.B., CA *


“Thank you for making a huge difference in the quality of my life! My wife and I appreciate who you are and what you do for our health.” — Mike & Kim A., Corona del Mar, CA *


“I just got my first cup of coffee after finishing the detox program. I took three sips and threw it away. Totally Gross, my body rejected it. That’s amazing! Thank you for helping me cleanse my system and break those bad habits.” — Jessica G., Katonah, NY *


“Just wanted to send a note and report my experience on round 3. I completed round 2 last July 09. I managed to say within my goal weight of 125-128 until Xmas, and then started to eat my way into 2010 with every homemade cookie that came though the door. I own a hair salon and during the holidays the clients are very generous bringing wonderful treats. By mid Jan. 2010 I was 135. Dr. Andrea agreed that I had fat to loose and I started round 3 HCG Jan 25. Round 3 for some reason seemed harder and 1 and 2. I did have good energy and did take spin class 3 times a week during HCG. I do not cheat ever on HCG. I lost 10 lbs, however, I can see it wasn’t about the weight this time. I burnt fat in my stomach and thighs to a very noticeable degree. Doc said this would happen. I can see the change in myself since last April 09 when I started my first HCG at 157 lbs. I am enjoying fitting into my daughters clothes with my new body and can honestly say that I do not have that midlife look any more. Just wanted to add my measurements for anyone that might be interested. Doc measured me last week and we discovered that I lost 8 inches on my belly, 4 on my hips, and 1 1/2 on my upper arm. This is truly amazing and just wanted to add it to my blog. Thank you so much again. Could have never done this without you.” — Carol G., Katonah, NY *


“Thank you Doc, I appreciate all you do for me and the manner in which you conduct yourself is so refreshing and professional! See you next week!” — Ralph A., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA *


“It has now been 7 months that I have been seeing Dr Purcell and I honestly could not have imagined I could have felt this great! Dr Purcell has been able to adjust her plan to suit my needs as they have come up. I have much more energy and my pain is very rarely an issue. I have even started having regular periods, which is something I have never had. It may sound simple, but it is wonderful when I can go to the grocery store, come home and put away all of the food, and then have energy to do a couple loads of laundry, plus make supper for my family. With each passing month, I feel substantially better. I know the future is bright and I will continue on the path to being even more healthy. I no longer have to accept chronic pain and fatigue as a part of my life.” — Jill J., Palmdale, CA *


“Thank you for all you did for me. I haven’t had any problems here that weren’t solved with a dose or two of your remedies. I seem to be doing quite well. I am walking everywhere without the help of a cane! Thank you again!” — Marjorie B., Laguna Beach (former candidate for knee replacement therapy and chronic urinary tract infections) *

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