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Sit in the comfort and safety of your home and speak with a doctor who listens…


Two thousand and Twenty, the year of great vision is also the year the entire world was forced to go virtual.

You will find everything from work out classes, book clubs, church groups, online learning, voice therapy and Doctors.

Yes, Medicine has gone online in a BIG way.

Now with very little effort you can set up your appointments, consult with your doctors and have prescriptions and laboratory requests filed electronically all without leaving your home.


Here at our office we have felt this shift coming for a long time. We started offering Telemedicine in 2011. At the time, we were managing a busy practice in Orange County California. Orange County is a beautiful place and because of that the population is very dense.

We would receive calls from patients saying they were going to be late who had been sitting in two hours of traffic simply trying to make it to their appointments. Then we would get calls letting us know that there was a traffic jam on the freeway after they left the office and it took three hours for them to get back home. There were also the calls from women who had to cancel last minute because they had sick kids or just couldn’t find a babysitter no matter what they tried…and of course the summer time “beach traffic” a two mile back up at the end of the 55 freeway, when everyone from teenagers to tourists were on their way to their personal slice of California sun and surf.

This was our dilemma, and each year the congestion seemed to increase. All of this was impeding our patients from getting the care they wanted and needed.

We started looking for a better way…and Telemedicine was born.

We started out offering virtual visits to our patients who were moms with kids at home. Moms tend to be early adapters as they seek out solutions that make life easier for themselves and their families. The moms were excited to be able to talk with us without ever having to leave their house. They could put their kids in another room and still be able to get time for themselves to get the care they needed to feel balanced and healthy. In essence, they took care of themselves first so they could take better care of the people they loved.

You know the “happy wife, happy life” mantra.

Then our telemedicine visits expanded to the women dealing with life draining issues like chronic fatigue. It became a “relief” for these patients to consult from home and not expend precious energy traveling to an office visit.

Shortly after that virtual medicine became an “obvious solution” and our virtual practice expanded beyond busy moms to traveling executives, working women, vacationing retirees, people looking for specific treatments, out of state referrals of friends and family, and everything in between.

This year, out of necessity, the virtual medicine option has now become “the norm.”


Over the last nine years we have continually up leveled our online offerings to include live webinars, electronic paperwork submission, virtual visits, detoxification programs, weight loss programs, educational videos, laboratory testing, nutritional support, and supplement recommendations all organized into a fluid system to help you reach your goals.  

The best part is that it is tested. We have worked with thousands of patients virtually with great success. It is the ease of use along with the individualized coaching that makes the process easy to start.

All you need is a computer with a video camera, and a high-speed internet connection. With telemedicine, we 2-way audio/video conference with patients from a distance.

Taking control of your health is easier than you think…especially at this time in the world when people are losing hope…Health the one of the things we CAN control. What each of us needs is the encouragement, support, and direction to get us on our way.

You no longer have to feel overwhelmed, burnt-out, bloated, exhausted, paralyzed by anxiety, or a slave to your medications.  We can help.

We are all being thrown into a virtual setting…you have the power to influence your health. Your health can be as good as you want it to be. The only question is how long will it take you to realize it and prioritize it?

You can get started today, all you need to do is take the first step.

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  • I think the Telemedicine appointments work great.  Sound quality is better than over the phone, and as long as there’s a reliable connection, it’s far superior to phone.  Also it’s easier if she had to see something,  Also there’s a chat function so she can type out long and technical stuff if the patient needs it.” -Jay K. *
  • The Telemedicine appointment seemed to be just as effective as an in person appointment.  It was much better than a phone appointment in my opinion but just as convenient.” -Brenda J. *
  • I loved the Telemedicine option. For me, it was distance. I can benefit from her expertise without the hour’s commute each way” -Jean L. *

*DISCLAIMER: All testimonials are the sole opinions, findings or experiences of my customers and patients, and not those of Dr. Purcell or her staff. does not compensate in any way for testimonials or reviews. Those opinions and experiences may not be representative of what every consumer may personally experience.