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DO you have kids that graze all day every day?

Do you have cereal bits all over your floor? Or how about goldfish? What if it’s YOU that you need to lock the door from? It is true that many of us tend to eat during times of stress.

And these are stressful times.

Locking the pantry door is a great way to signal to everyone (including yourself) that the kitchen is closed and will re-open at the next regularly scheduled meal time.

If you haven’t set a routine for yourself and your housemates now is a great time to do so. Just because you are home doesn’t mean it’s time to lounge in pajamas and eat dry cereal all day. It’s time to throw some cold water on your face and snap out of it.

TODAY is the day to establish a house routine. The fact is all humans function better with structure, schedules and routine. It is more important now than ever before to re-establish a flow for yourself and your household. It’s also true that we as humans do NOT like change.

Initially, expect that everyone including yourself will fight you on it.

Do NOT cave in. After two days you will grudgingly do it and then suddenly it will become automatic. You will be amazed to see how everyone falls into place and starts to abide by your new set of house rules. It is also huge win for you (if you are the cook) because everyone will arrive hungry to meals and actually eat what is served. Additionally, your family will be better nourished throughout the day, and less likely to gain the slated 20lbs that comes with voluntary isolation. (whoops did I just say 20 lbs.?) Yes, that is correct…more about that in another blog post.

Wishing you Well,

Dr. Purcell
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