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As a first-time mature mama-to-be I had so many questions…Here are just a few of the ones swirling around in my head while I was pregnant…

What are the risks associated with an over 35 pregnancy?
How do I handle symptoms of pregnancy and still carry on a some-what normal work-life balance before my baby arrives?
Which testing is most important for me and my baby?
Help! Nausea, Cravings, and Blood sugar crashes.
How to meet my baby’s nutritional requirements when the pre-natal keeps coming back up?
Which herbs and supplements are safe and effective for my constipation, gastric reflux, and muscle cramps?
How do I prepare for an optimal birth experience?
What about breastfeeding, hair loss and sex-life after birth?

What I came to realize is that a lot of women have these questions and more but they don’t talk about them much. They chalk them up to the great sacrifice of motherhood. For most women pregnancy isn’t a walk in the park. Yes, there is suffering, but some of the suffering is optional. With the right information you can navigate the waters of pregnancy by getting a support system and using natural medicine. This book came to life through my personal experience and it is now here to guide you.

I found out first-hand that my doctor was more concerned about the safety of my growing baby than me. Talking to her about my pregnancy complaints fell on deaf ears. That’s when I turned to Naturopathic doctors, doulas, midwives, and lactation consultants to get the answers I needed to help me successfully transition into Motherhood.

This is my story. I gathered from my own experiences, a data-base of practitioners and from a wealth of research to write this book. This book is your light-hearted go-to guide for how to keep it healthy, safe, and natural.

I don’t hold back. I give you the information you will need to navigate pregnancy, birth, nursing, and the first year.

I Tell You Honestly and Truthfully…

*The Over 35 and Pregnant story that no one is telling

*The 5 supplements you must take before you get pregnant and how long you should continue your pre-natal post baby.

*Stop expecting your OB/GYN to care about your pregnancy symptoms. He or she is only focused on your developing baby and anything that could endanger him or her.

*How pregnancy will affect your sex life.

*The most common sexual myths of pregnancy and how to reclaim intimacy in your relationship post baby.

*The 5 most common pregnancy complaints and how to address them naturally.

*Why trying to control your birth experience is a waste of time and what you should do instead.

*Plan on breastfeeding? What’s a nursing basket and why do I need one?

*Avoid breastfeeding snags and nurse successfully.

*How to take care of yourself so you can achieve work-life balance without completely losing it.

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While writing this book I had some questions. Here are some of your answers…

Question 1: I’m curious, if you have been or are pregnant what is/was the most surprising part of your pregnancy that you were completely unprepared for? -Dr. Purcell

* I was 44 when I got pregnant and felt like I was the poster child for “advanced maternal age”!  It was disappointing that my good health was pretty much ignored but I guess I understand as the “statistics” show….however I conceived right away, had a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful baby boy!  But books and doctors continued to scare me with the problems of being old and pregnant!  I remember asking my doctor “does being healthy and fit have any benefit?” and she pretty much said no! ha!  Obviously I disagree but I do understand that being healthy and fit can be two different things and genetics I am sure have a lot to do with it. -Jill S.

* I actually felt better when I was pregnant as I had no wicked periods for 9 months. 🙂 -Bonnie D.

* I was unprepared for having morning sickness for 9 straight months and not having control of my bladder, or other bodily functions. I was physically riding the hot-mess express. -April E.

* Why didn’t I think of this book?? Mine would have been, Over 40 and pregnant! Seriously, It was great once I got over the shock LOL! During my pregnancy, I was totally unprepared for how miserable I felt right away at week 7. I wasn’t even showing and I felt like complete c**p. I felt I couldn’t use the pregnancy excuse, because I didn’t look pregnant. -Ronda K.

Question 2: The “plague” of my pregnancy was chronic lower back and sacral pain, It started at week 7 and carried me all the way through to the end. I did prenatal yoga, the elliptical, homeopathy and stretched like crazy. It all helped for a short time and then the pain was back. I’m curious, What was the “plague” of your pregnancy and how did you deal with it? -Dr. Purcell

* I got toxemia the last month and was ordered to bed rest, fortunately my son delivered a month early and everything was fine. -Diana H.B.

* As the husband, mine didn’t start until the last month. My wife WAS READY TO BE UN- pregnant. I was cautious all month. LOL. -Dennis A.

Question 3: Even though breast feeding is natural, it doesn’t come naturally. Not even for me, a Naturopathic Doctor. Starting at week 3 I developed mastitis and then clogged ducts followed over the course of three months. I’m curious, How was your breast feeding experience? What did you learn that you wish you knew beforehand? -Dr. Purcell

* LOL! I learned how SORE my nipples could get at first…and no techniques to “toughen” them up seemed to work except those baby lips. -Kit B.

* I actually had no milk. My breasts seemed full, but my baby was getting absolutely nothing. I even went to a lactation/breast feeding specialist who told me this and couldn’t believe how hard I had been trying to breast feed under such severe pain. And how miserable my child was. yikes. I found out later that my paternal aunt had no milk either. Very interesting. -Cynthia C.D.

* I learned that it takes time and help. I learned, that I had to teach my new baby everything…even how to eat and eat well. I was on week two of breastfeeding and I was in tears just about to give up… and my husband took our baby re adjusted her and just pushed her head more on my breast (at the time I thought there is no way she can breathe) and sure enough she LATCHED. Every moment after that she/we had no issues. She just wasn’t getting enough of my nipple/breast in her mouth. I had to get more of my nipple into her mouth so she should suck. I breastfeed my first child for 11months and 2nd child for 9 months. Sorry to hear your clogged ducts. I also used a pump too, when I felt full or she didn’t empty both breast I would pump the rest out to prevent from getting full of milk. -Laurie B.

Order Your Copy of Over 35 and Pregnant Now:

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I just got your book yesterday and read it starting with “First Trimester” and laughed so hard, I had tears running down my cheeks! I bought it for my bosses daughter who is expecting twins (35 years old). I’ll be giving it to her but I may need to order another one to hand-off to the next appropriate pregnant person as it is really a treasure. She’ll love the ‘natural’ remedies and will relate to all your ‘struggles’ too.
Thank you for all you’ve done for me over the years. I look forward to many more years of being together and seeking your wisdom and, in the perfect world, executing it!

Jan B.*

I am 43 and pregnant and I absolutely love this book! Reading it has made me feel like someone is literally guiding me through every step of my pregnancy. It’s like having an expert in natural medicine, available to answer all of my questions, even at 3 o’clock in the morning. One night during my 2nd trimester I woke up with the worst heart burn of my life and despite being a knowledgeable naturopathic physician, nothing was helping. I looked up the heart burn section in Dr. Purcell’s book, followed her advice and was heart burn-free within minutes!

In her book, Dr. Purcell also offers a unique perspective as a pregnant professional woman, addressing many of the challenges that many women face in adjusting to change.

As a naturopathic physician in practice for over fifteen years myself, I was faced with some of these unique challenges when I got pregnant at the age of 43. I’ve spent the past 20 years focusing on getting my naturopathic medical degree and working hard to build a successful medical practice. Like most professional women, when I got pregnant, my life as I knew it changed suddenly and drastically and I found the resources for guidance to be limited. When I learned that my colleague, Dr. Purcell had written this book I couldn’t believe my luck! It came into my life at the perfect time, serving as an invaluable guide and companion through my pregnancy. It is a must read for anyone ‘Over 35 and Pregnant’.

Sarv Varta Khalsa, N.M.D.*

Sleep Training Time!
Thank you!! The last chapter was the best!!! If I had finished this before Alina was born my whole after birth experience would have probably been better. Love to you *

*DISCLAIMER: All testimonials are the sole opinions, findings or experiences of my customers and patients, and not those of Dr. Purcell or her staff. does not compensate in any way for testimonials or reviews. Those opinions and experiences may not be representative of what every consumer may personally experience.