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The Reason You’re Suffering from Seasonal Allergies

Dr. Andrea Purcell

A trusted and well-respected Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Purcell has been in private practice for over twenty years. Dr. Purcell is a published author and has a women’s specialty practice for hormone balancing, weight loss, mystery illness, and gastro-intestinal concerns. Dr. Purcell assists her patients by identifying the underlying cause of disease and removing obstacles that impede the body's natural ability to heal. Drugs and surgery are used as a last resort. She believes that increasing health on the inside shines through to the outside.

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  • Sherri says:

    Thank You Dr. P,
    You have given spot on help, for seasonal allergy sufferers!
    Wanted to add, that 2 years ago, my allergies to local weeds/wildfowers pollens was so intense, I had to resort to a shot.
    Then, I discovered Bio-Active Quercetin 50mg with EMIQ. 40 times more absorbant than Quercitin, and it WORKS!
    Totally takes care of ALL allergy symptoms.
    I increase the dose to 3x/day, and more at the onset to esablish it in my system.
    It wonderful now having something Natural, to begin taking a few weeks prior to Allergy Season, through to first frost!

    Thank you for you terrific, informative, forward thinking, News /Emails!
    Grateful to you,

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