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Reclaim your health in 3 easy steps:

Learn More About Our Approach to Wellness

Health is our most valuable asset. We need to be informed as to how to protect it and be able to live out the life we are meant to live.

There are reasons behind your ill-health, they most likely have not been revealed. If enough is enough and you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, it’s time to take action. Call 800-318-8582 or email to get started.

Schedule an Evaluation

We hope that you have become inspired enough to take the next step towards setting up your evaluation. At your evaluation is where transformation begins.

Tell us where you want to go with your health, we will listen to your story, decide if we can take your case and if we can, we’ll build the road to get you there.

Begin Your Personalized Path to Wellness

Dr. Purcell will not only be your Doctor; she will be Coaching, Guiding, Educating, Mentoring, Listening, Cheering, Leading YOU every step of the way.

Your personalized path to optimal health begins here. 

It’s time to stop surviving and start thriving.


What can I expect at my evaluation appointment?

Your evaluation is a time when inspiration meets transformation, quite literally.
Whatever it was that prompted you to schedule this appointment will be discussed more deeply. You will discuss your concerns, worries, fears, and what you are looking to achieve. Dr. Purcell will take you (and your spouse if you have one) on a journey from where you currently are to where you want to go. 

As Dr. Purcell listen to your story she will decide if she if the right person to help you. If she is, she will design a program to fit your unique needs and build the road to get you there. 

Dr. Purcell is a great doctor with a unique knack for listening. She is also a teacher, coach and a personal guide to lead YOU every step of the way.
Your personalized path to optimal health begins at the evaluation. 


Q2: Why do I need to bring my spouse to the evaluation?

This may seem strange or different from other doctors or practitioners you have been to. That’s because our practice structure is different. Dr. Purcell has spoken with women who have been so excited to get started but then find they are unable to move forward without the full support of their spouse. We ask for spouses be present for the evaluation because this is an important conversation and ultimately a decision about your health moving forward. We’ve found that women are more successful when their spouse understands what they are going through and is supportive.

A spouse is only asked to disrupt their schedule one time to participate in the first appointment. Often a spouse will join in on the conversation via speaker phone or conference call if they are from a distance. Ultimately this request is in place because it works out the best for YOU the person who needs the care. We want you to have full support when it comes to your health.


Q3: What happens after my evaluation appointment?

Once both you and Dr. Purcell decide that you can work together, she will lay out the program that she is recommending for you.  This includes the length of time, your weekly time commitment, discuss challenges and the next immediate steps to get started.
Your individualized program will guide you step by step to your goals.  We will educate and coach you to not only live your fullest life but also to maintain the results which sets you up for a lifetime of success.