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A Simple Green Juice Recipe- This is a Must-Try!

A Simple Green Juice Recipe- This is a Must-Try!

Check out this recipe just in time for Summer!

Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals you will be pleasantly surprised when you drink this green beauty. It satisfies a vegetable serving and will leave you feeling good about yourself.

Use organic ingredients if you can. The reason I stress this is because most of these ingredients are listed on the dirty dozen. This means that in non-organic form they are highly sprayed with pesticides. However, you should eat vegetables regardless if they are organic or not. It’s much better to eat sprayed vegetables than no vegetables at all.


Fresh Pressed Green Juice

Kitchen Tool: Juicer


4 stalks organic celery
3 cups organic spinach (Do not use baby spinach. You should buy the mature spinach sold in bunches. Wash it good there is a lot of dirt in spinach.)
1 small organic apple OR half of a bigger apple
3 large leaves organic Lacinato kale (if you read my posts you know this is my favorite)
½ lime peeled OR ¼ of a small lemon peeled


Feed each item into the juicer and collect into your glass. This will yield about 12-16oz of fresh pressed juice.

Then pour into a 20oz tumbler filled with ice. Let it sit for a few minutes, it’s even better once the ice has started to melt. Enjoy!


Hint: This is so good that you just might give up that afternoon iced tea and drink this instead.

Dr. Andrea Purcell

A trusted and well-respected Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Purcell has been in private practice for over twenty years. Dr. Purcell is a published author and has a women’s specialty practice for hormone balancing, weight loss, mystery illness, and gastro-intestinal concerns. Dr. Purcell assists her patients by identifying the underlying cause of disease and removing obstacles that impede the body's natural ability to heal. Drugs and surgery are used as a last resort. She believes that increasing health on the inside shines through to the outside.

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