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Skip Your Way Through the Cold and Flu Season


It’s that time of year again and I’m here to help you help yourself through the next few months.

A cold is simply an infection that lives in your upper respiratory tract. There are over 200 viruses that can cause a cold. The cold and flu season lasts from September to April. The typical duration of cold symptoms last for 4-10 days.

When you are sick, nutrient-rich foods are important to boost your body’s defenses and fight infection. You must eat regularly and ingesting home made soups, teas, and drinks are the best way to do it.

When it comes to colds and flu the best defense is a good offense. Have immune boosting foods in your kitchen and a well-stocked natural medicine cabinet and you are prepared!

Foods to Avoid – These foods suppress your immune system. You should be avoiding these foods most of the time but absolutely if your immune system is low.

*Dairy products – These increase congestion and body inflammation
*Alcohol – suppresses your immune system
*Sugary foods, soda, and cookies – Sugar suppresses immune function and feeds bacteria. It’s better to eat an orange, than to drink Orange juice.
*Fried Foods – Fried foods increase body inflammation. To fight off infection you need anti-inflammatories found in fresh fruits and vegetables.
*Any foods that you know you react to and make you feel unwell.

Immune Boosting Foods:

*Peppers: Bell peppers are super high in vitamin C and their spicy relatives increase circulation and drain your sinuses.
*Carrots: Carrots are high in antioxidants and beta carotene to help boost your immune system.
*Onions and garlic – High in sulphur containing substances that promote detoxification and kill off infectious invaders via stealth immune boosting qualities.
*Brazil nuts – 3-5 of these nuts per day provide selenium which helps promote the growth of immune cells.
*Make a fresh juice: 2 ribs celery, 1 cup parsley, 1 carrot, 1 cup fresh spinach, ¼ juice of lime, 1 inch piece fresh ginger.

Natural Medicine Cabinet

I am a big believer in having natural remedies on hand at the slightest indication of lowered immunity. You want to support your body before the infection takes hold of your mucus membranes and then some. (Log in or create a free account for access to my online medicinary. Once logged in, you will find my different immune support protocols and supplement product links)


Mild to moderate exercise is also good to keep circulation, lymphatics, and body fluids moving. Exercise will prevent congestion from stagnating in any one area. Exercise can be tricky though, sometimes the best recipe for an illness is sleep so here is a general rule of thumb.

*Exercise regularly for prevention
*When you are feeling run down make sleep a priority with a hefty dose of immune boosting foods before bed.
*The next day do the head and neck scan (if your symptoms are in your head, throat, nose and eyes, mild to moderate exercise will help). If your symptoms are below the head and neck and include fever, cough, aches, and fatigue, skip the exercise and get more rest.

Dr. Purcell’s Super Immune Drink

2 quarts good clean water
6 lemons
3 tablespoons fresh grated ginger
2/3 cup honey
1oz Echinache purpurea root tincture

Directions: In a large pot boil the water, add the juice of all six lemons, add in ginger. Boil for 5 minutes then reduce to simmer and add honey. Simmer for 1 minute more and remove from heat. Pour into a cup and add 20 drops of echinachea tincture. Drink 2-3 cups daily.

This batch makes 7-8 cups.

With so much Love,

Dr. Purcell


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Dr. Andrea Purcell

A trusted and well-respected Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Purcell has been in private practice for over twenty years. Dr. Purcell is a published author and has a women’s specialty practice for hormone balancing, weight loss, mystery illness, and gastro-intestinal concerns. Dr. Purcell assists her patients by identifying the underlying cause of disease and removing obstacles that impede the body's natural ability to heal. Drugs and surgery are used as a last resort. She believes that increasing health on the inside shines through to the outside.

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