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Migraine Therapy

Many women suffer from migraines. Migraines severely affect a woman’s quality of life. There are many causes of migraines and the trick is to figure out the cause in order to effectively prevent them in the future. Migraines are thought to be caused by a spasm of the vasculature in the head, but can also be triggered by muscle tightness and spasm coming from the upper shoulders and neck.

The difficulty is in figuring out what is causing the pain and/or spasm and then correcting that underlying imbalance. Physical therapies such as acupuncture, specific massage, traditional osteopathy, and chiropractic care may help to alleviate structural imbalances, which can contribute to pain. Furthermore there are internal imbalances, which can affect the vascular reactivity.

Common causes of headaches from internal sources include: Hormone imbalances, Vitamin/Mineral deficiencies, Past or Present history of head trauma, Emotional trauma, Jaw Clenching, Tooth grinding, Temporo Mandibular Joint dysfunction (TMJ), Food Allergens, Nervous system hyperactivity, and an inability to handle external stressors.

At Portal To Healing Naturopathic Clinic, no two patients with migraines are alike. Every woman will have a situation, which is unique to her life. Natural Therapies meet you wherever you are to increase health and vitality and correct the underlying imbalance. We design a specific program for you based on your needs.


Natural Treatments for Migraines:

  • Intravenous injections of B-Vitamins and magnesium to relax blood vessels and decrease inflammation. Studies on migraine sufferers have shown a deficiency in B2, B6, and magnesium. Receiving intravenous nutrient therapy can quickly build up depleted levels and reduce pain and inflammation almost immediately.
  • Homeopathic prescription – commonly the correct homeopathic prescription can effectively reduce frequency and severity.
  • Herbal medicines – Herbal medicines are formulated for your specific symptoms and can prevent and reduce muscle and vascular spasm, pain, and relax the nervous system in response to stressors.
  • Vitamin/Mineral Nutrient Therapy – Specific testing will determine your nutrient levels and supplements will be prescribed to restore the proper vitamin/mineral ratios.
  • Medical Nutrition – Each patient will receive a specific food recommendations based on their blood type, digestive function, and food allergens.
  • Lifestyle and Situational Counseling – Often life stressors affect us physically, or perhaps we are physically sick and can less easily handle the stressors of life. Whatever the case, often we can make changes in our schedule that can take some of the stress off of us and allow healing to occur more quickly. Sometimes a fresh perspective to an old routine is just enough to change stress levels and promote health.