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The Secret to a More Energized Life: Discover How to Boost Your Energy Levels!

By April 17, 2022May 9th, 2022Healthy Living

Do you ever feel like you could use an extra boost of energy to get through the day? Many people struggle with fatigue during the day, and finding ways to boost your energy levels can be crucial to living a more productive life. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some tips for how to get more out of your days by increasing your energy levels. So read on to learn more!

Do you have enough energy? Do you want more energy? It’s not often that a woman says to me: “Dr. Purcell, I have tons of energy. Plenty of it. Truckloads.” It’s usually the complete opposite. I will hear them say: “Dr. Purcell, I’m so fatigued. I’m drained and exhausted. Kaput! Depleted and overtired!” 

When we’re lacking energy life isn’t very much fun. We find ourselves so busy trying to conserve what we have and push through our days that there isn’t any leftover to be dancing and singing in the kitchen. By the way, that’s our true nature – breaking out into spontaneous dance and song. Instead, life becomes a chore. Our responsibilities become heavy burdens. It’s a lot like pushing a snowball up a hill. Then, we find ourselves on the short end of patience, chronically irritated and searching for sugar, salt, and caffeine to get us through.

This results in this dog-chasing-its- tail type of spiral of having not good days, staying up later to try to finish things from our list. Consequently,  we get less restful sleep. We will have no energy for a workout the next day. We will then find ourselves hitting the drive-through coffee line, making poor food choices during the day, because: “ Why bother? I’m trying to survive here!” Eventually, we will find ourselves gaining weight. 

Allow me to take you somewhere deep just a little. . . 

What if this was your very last day on earth today? Would you just want to make it through or do you want to live it? 

I was talking with a patient of mine one day. She had been my patient for almost 20 years. I’ve worked with her family including her daughter, her grandchildren, and her daughter-in-law. They are such a beautiful family. It’s not because everything is hunky-dory. It’s more because they love each other enough to triumph through all the hardships.

Recently, she lost her husband of 60 years. He was her soulmate and they had the same birthday. They met when they were 14 years old. We were talking about him and she said to me: “You know, Dr. Purcell, when people attend the memorial service, they need to be reminded that they’re not there to mourn someone’s passing. They’re there to celebrate that life. A presence, a light.

We all have one. You have one. Now, I’m going to ask you: Do you just want to make it through your days and weeks and months? Do you just want to survive? How long have you been doing that? Or do you want to live full out, breaking out into that spontaneous dance in the kitchen?

In a lot of respects, this world has its pants on backward. This is especially true when it comes to the topic of energy. Talking about energy, we live in an artificially hyped-up culture. We fall for gimmicks that we can have it all. Especially as women, we can stand on our heads. We can be Wonder Woman. We overdue, multitask, juggle, and add more things to our plate over and above at the expense of ourselves. It leads to burnout and exhaustion.

What does it look like? How does that play out in a day or a week for you?

Do you find yourself skipping meals or going long periods without eating? Maybe you are deciding that you’re going to do the workout later, but later never comes, for you can just get a few more things done. Do you believe that you can do it all? Do you believe that staying up later is going to help you to get more done? Think about a time when you say yes when you should be saying no. Are you living in this present moment? The here and the now.

My son brought it home for me as a good test. 

  1. Are you making eye contact with your kids?or
  2. Are you just multitasking and saying: “Mm-hmm” when your mind is elsewhere

My son made it very clear to me that he wasn’t going to put up with that.

As I said, this world has its pants on backward. This world has us looking outside of ourselves. What we need to be doing is looking inside. Energy, yours and mine, is renewable, if we knew how to cultivate it. The drive-through coffee line is not where we get more of it. That is an external source. What I’m talking about is an internal source. Just like that, we need to nurture it, water it, and care for it, very similar to a plant. For most of us, when we say we don’t have enough energy, we’ve completely depleted and dehydrated “our plant”.

I have a challenge for you. Join in.

I want to give you an activity and some tips to help you cultivate more energy in your life.I want you to get out a pen and paper right now and write this down. Please fill in the blanks.

  • One way I will take better care of myself is ______
  • I experienced being present in my body when I ______

We all know we should take care of ourselves, but so often we find ourselves running on empty. We’ve become used to pushing through the fatigue, the aches and pains, and the general feeling of being rundown. But what if we listened to our bodies instead of pushing through? What if 

we took the time to slow down and tune in? We have all the answers inside of ourselves, we just need to take the time to listen. 

Some great healthy energy boosters

  1. Green tea

Green tea is a great way to get a little boost of energy without resorting to unhealthy sugary drinks or coffee loaded with cream and sugar. One cup of green tea has about 30 milligrams of caffeine, which is just enough to give you a little pick-me-up without making you feel jittery or anxious. Green tea is also filled with yummy antioxidants, so it’s a great solution for the afternoon slump. Not to mention, it’s much healthier for you than those sugary energy drinks. So next time you’re feeling tired in the afternoon, reach for a cup of green tea instead. You’ll be glad you did!

  1. Vitamin B12 Chewables 

Vitamin B12 is a great way to give yourself an energy boost during the day. I keep mine in my purse in my desk drawer, and I take a chewable Vitamin B12 tablet around mid-morning. It’s a great pick-me-up that helps me get through the day. Just be sure to not eat them after three o’clock in the afternoon, or you may have trouble sleeping at night. 

  1. Peppermint essential oil 

If you’re looking for a quick and easy energy booster, diffusing peppermint and spearmint essential oils is a great way to go. Not only does it increase circulation and oxygenation to the brain, but it also promotes mental awareness. I diffused peppermint and spearmint in my office, and it really helped to get all the circulation going. 

Health is complicated and there is no quick fix for energy other than speed. If you’re looking to find the underlying cause and you’re sick and tired of being sick all the time, we can help you. I’ve been in practice for 20 years. We’ve helped thousands of women, and this might be the next step on your journey. 

We hope that this article has given you some tips and tricks for boosting your energy levels. It can be tough to find ways to increase your energy when you’re feeling run down, but it is definitely worth the effort. If you’re looking for more help in this area, please don’t hesitate to connect with me. Our team of professionals has years of experience helping people just like you find the underlying causes of their fatigue and implement lasting solutions. Don’t suffer from low energy any longer – schedule a free discovery call today!

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Dr. Andrea Purcell

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