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There are over 11 million people on the US with diabetes, and approximately 16 million that fall into the pre-diabetes category.

Pre-Diabetes is defined as fasting blood glucose levels slightly elevated between 100-110 but not yet over 115 which is the number required to diagnose diabetes which incidentally ha been lowered in the last few years. In the past the level was 125. What this means is that the reference range was way too high and people actually had diabetes long before their blood work showed it to be so.

What is the Best Diet for Diabetics?

Currently there is much controversy between the American Diabetes Association and the Alternative Medical professions over what an appropriate diet for diabetics is. The ADA firmly stands behind its recommendations of high carbohydrate, low sugar and fat intake.

For years, the Naturopathic community, Robert Atkins M.D., and Richard Bernstein M.D. have been promoting a low carbohydrate approach to regulating blood sugars for diabetics.

The bottom line is this, carbohydrates turn into sugar. Period. People with diabetes have a sugar sensitivity that sets them up for a blood sugar roller coaster ride.

The worst part about this is that the 16 million people in the pre-diabetes category are in a watch and wait period. They are waiting to see if they officially get diabetes, this is ridiculous. Diabetes can be prevented in these people just by making some lifestyle modifications. Our bodies are intelligent, give them the tools to regulate and they will do just that.

Healing Skin Issues for Diabetics

Natural medicine is exceptionally good at healing skin wounds and ulcers associated with diabetes. In many cases the wounds heal without progressing to gang green and eventually amputation.