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For most of human history, people have died from plague, war, or famine. Vaccinations were developed to control plagues and epidemics just like the one we are experiencing now. 

In the late 1900’s more humans started to die from chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Many factors are involved in the causes behind the shift in mortality and that has been one of my biggest speaking topics over the last 10 years.

Our countries healthcare system has been in crisis for a very long time.

Forty percent of Americans have chronic disease. Chronic diseases have snuck up on us like a wolf in the night. The sad part is that chronic disease can be dramatically impacted with dietary and lifestyle factors.

If anything, this situation has told us that we need to be MORE proactive with our health. It has highlighted that we all need to take responsibility for our health and the things we can change. And this is so we have the best chance at reducing inflammation and fighting off infection.

It really goes without saying that this is not your typical flu virus. It has the ability to impact health and life in a significant way. Much more significant than your average flu.

There has been a huge impact to economics, mental health, and physical health as a result of this situation and the world and lives will be completely changed moving forward.

When it comes to this particular virus I think about it just like I would any other highly infectious disease such as Typhoid, diphtheria, or polio.

SARS-Cov2 is not going to go away in eight months like SARS did. It’s going to be around for a few years until good public health measures and an effective vaccine is released.

In the past, we have not been successful with a coronavirus vaccine. One of the downsides is the risk of an over-reactive response to the vaccine that ends up killing more people.

There is a lot that naturopathic doctors can do to mitigate the negative side effects of the vaccine. This is a good time to blend the expertise of conventional and alternative medicine.

We want a vaccine to be safe and effective.

In order to meet those criteria there has to be 3 phase studies in order for it to be deemed safe. That will take about 18-24 months.

While the vaccine is in development we need to implement a good public health system of testing, and contact tracing with isolation and quarantine.

When it comes to deciding if you should consider getting a vaccine it comes down to evaluating the pros vs the cons. The biggest question from a public health perspective is do the benefits outweigh the risks AND will the vaccine be both safe and effective?

A safe and effective vaccine will give people peace of mind, and allow us to travel and interact safely once again.

My main concern about a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine is that it won’t be soon enough…

The healthcare workers on the front lines are the heroes in all of this and I pray for a vaccine that saves them from the effects of this virus.

Having said that your primary health goal right now should be:

To get into a healthy immune state.

Reduce body inflammation and knock back chronic disease. Control the controllable. In order to do this most people need a good Naturopathic Doctor in their corner.

I’ve dedicated my life to natural medicine. Nothing has a bigger impact on quality of life that allows you to fully live out your purpose.

Having good health is a gift, a very precious one.  

One of the greatest practices for preventative care is getting yourself into optimal health during this time. It is not a question of IF you will be exposed but WHEN.

Gear up for the biggest heavyweight fight of your life and train like Rocky Balboa. I’m here for you and yes, YOU are WORTH it.  

With Love,

Dr. Purcell
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