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The fastest way to sink into worry, stress, anxiety, fear and stress eating is to flounder without purpose through the day.

The two biggest things that can cut our nose off to spite our face are:

  1. Lack of structure 
  2. Lack of purpose

These two things are especially important during this time.

Creating some semblance of a schedule can be the difference between feeling purposeful and feeling purposeless.

If you have teenagers at home, they are feeling unstructured and without purpose BIG time.

Many of us are attempting to work from home. You’ve probably figured out that working from home in the midst of kids, dogs, and spouses takes a bit of finesse…

As women, we often feel pulled in every direction, riddled with guilt that there isn’t enough time, attention, energy to go around. It leaves us drained and feeling badly about how the day went. We mentally decide to try harder tomorrow. Remember what Yoda said, “Do or do not, there is no try.”

Here’s the secret: “BE ALL IN” the present. Live in the now. Life is still happening right now, there are opportunities here. Focus on what you can control.

For Example:

-When working at your desk, be 100% present with what is in front of you.

-With your kids, be 100% present with them.

-With your spouse, reach out to touch them when they are talking.

Simply give 100% of your attention to what is in front of you right now.

In our family, one of the things I committed to last week was building a home school schedule for our son. I knew that he was going to be home with my husband who also happens to be home because he works in a restaurant. I knew that I needed to work from home and that our family needed a schedule and a routine to make it through the next few weeks. We rolled it out last Saturday and by the time Monday arrived everyone was referring back to the schedule. My son took to it right away. I had a plastic protected copy right on the fridge at eye level so he could check the time with the assignments and projects he needed to complete. Putting in that time and effort to create the schedule was a total game changer this week. I got to “be all in” and my family knew what to expect from me and what was expected of them.

I believe every woman has the ability to take control of her health. The key to doing this is gaining the skills from another woman who has already done it.

Look, these are hard times. There is a lot of uncertainty. Some days you may not want to get out of bed. Do it anyway and follow these 5 steps… (no matter how cheesy it sounds.)

  1. Say aloud while looking yourself in the eye in a mirror: “I am committed to winning this day.”
  2. Put your schedule in place. If you don’t already have a schedule that is tight I recommend setting up a block schedule. It simply means blocking out parts of your day for specific things such as various types of work/meetings, tea/stretch breaks, meals, exercise, family time, spouse time, etc.
  3. Execute it (stick to it)
  4. Work with purpose and integrity throughout the entire day.
  5. Ask yourself “Did I win today?”

Cheers to you and being successful from home,

Dr. Purcell
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