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Why the World Needs Your “Good Vibes”


“To the mothers of the past, the mothers of the present, and the mothers-to-be, may you connect with the powerful light that burns within. I have such admiration for your incredible courage and strength to bring new life into the world. You have within you something powerful, something magical, something beautiful. The life and light within me honors the very same within you.” (Book dedication from Over 35 and Pregnant)


May is here and it’s time to honor Mother’s everywhere. I’ve got to say, Mom’s really deserve it. Motherhood is a full-time job that never quite ends… it just takes different forms.

I got to wondering if it is special programming that kicks into gear when we become mothers or if it always been there in the female DNA?

It certainly is that little sparkle of going the extra mile that we have come to appreciate and honor on Mother’s Day. The world would just not be the same without the incredible contributions of Mother’s everywhere.

And what about Non-Moms? The women who do not need the term “Mother” to be maternal, giving, or kind. Most women uplift and serve their families, communities, and the world in their very own unique nurturing way.

As I look back over my life I can identify some significant lessons I learned from women who were not my Mother. One Non-Mom in particular was my high school volleyball coach. That woman guided and supported me and a gaggle of teenage girls to the championship one year. No easy task I assure you.

Today I want to offer support. Support is one of the greatest gifts you can receive.

After years of helping women I’ve found that most women fall prey to certain patterns regardless of demographic or socio-economic class.

These patterns can lead to fatigue, depression, anxiety and take you off your A-game.

As a Non-Mom for the majority of my life I can honestly say that I fell prey to these self-defeating habits long before I became a Mom. They just got heightened under the time constraints of motherhood.



Making light of what you do and what you have achieved.

(We often deflect recognition and place ourselves on the sidelines when we should be receiving the credit for tasks well done and celebrating.)


Not making time for essential self- care.

(Taking care of ourselves is paramount to whole-life balance. When we meet our own needs, we have way more to give. Yet when we depreciate what we do we feel unworthy to partake in the self-care that is so vital to our longevity.)


Feelings of stress, overwhelm, and pressure should be the red flag to implement self-care yet most of us fail to course correct under pressure. The overwhelm prevents us from seeing clearly.  These days it’s easy to stay busy and it’s hard to ignore the non-stop demands of child care, friends in need, work responsibilities, and the ever-growing to-do list.

Think of yourself as a bank. Each item on your to-do list makes a withdrawal from the bank. Self-care makes deposits in the bank.

 Making too many withdrawals pushes the balance you seek further from reach.

Well now you know… You my darling are sitting in the banker’s chair with one hand in each till box. You have within your power the ability to bankrupt the bank or build a residual income generator.

There are a lot of people who expect you to painlessly pump out those good vibrations…and you and I both know your efforts are far from painless.

Isn’t it time you took self-care a little more seriously?

I want you to keep dishing out the good vibes that only you have for decades to come.

Here’s my special gift for you… I have created a Free downloadable PDF listing your 5 daily rituals for success available to you below. I want to help you fill that bank account to the brim so you can continue to laugh, play, and serve the world in your own unique magical way.

With So Much Love,
Dr. Purcell
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Dr. Andrea Purcell

A trusted and well-respected Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Purcell has been in private practice for over twenty years. Dr. Purcell is a published author and has a women’s specialty practice for hormone balancing, weight loss, mystery illness, and gastro-intestinal concerns. Dr. Purcell assists her patients by identifying the underlying cause of disease and removing obstacles that impede the body's natural ability to heal. Drugs and surgery are used as a last resort. She believes that increasing health on the inside shines through to the outside.

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  • Clinton Van Berry says:

    Good evening gracious lady and I hope you had an outstanding Mother’s Day for you are truly an OUTSTANDING WOMEN AND MOTHER. I think of you often and remember that infectious smile and warmth that you alway exuded. I know your son has grown much since the last time I saw you and your family at the Fry’s Supermarket and I know you have your voice back 🙂 I loved your take on Mother’s and Motherhood. We must never forget where we began and who was always there no matter what. Thank you again for all that you have given me and the laughter and joy that you so richly shared with me. Please say hello to your husband and give your son a hug. Stay safe and healthy and I look forward to our next meeting when and where ever it my be. Lots of love, Clinton

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